Tuesday, August 7, 2007

15 billion dinar remuneration for workers in Baghdad hospitals

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance has allocated a remuneration of 15 billion Iraqi dinars (12 million U.S. dollars) to workers in the health sector under the Baghdad security plan, an Iraqi cabinet media statement said on Monday.

The remuneration will be paid from the budget of the Ministry of Health to all workers and medics in the health sector.

The statement revealed that the Ministry of Health urged the Iraqi cabinet to award monthly bonus payments to medical staff in Baghdad's hospitals as a reward for their hard efforts.

"At the request of the Health Ministry, the cabinet agreed to provide remuneration to 10,000 workers in 10 hospitals in Baghdad, including the hospitals of al-Kanadi, Ibn al-Nafees, Baghdad, al-Jumla al-Asabia, Yarmuk, al-Kadhimiya, al-Karkh, al-Sadr, al-Numan and Muhammed Baqir al-Hakeem," the statement added.

Source: Voices of Iraq

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