Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Iraqi dinars delivered to rural banks in Diyala

A shipment of more than 49 billion Iraqi dinars arrived by truck convoy in Baqouba, Iraq recently to be used by the Diyala provincial government to pay salaries and pensions to around 70 percent of the local residents.

The money, which equals about $38 million, was escorted by the Iraqi Army from the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad and was delivered to an undisclosed location in Baqouba. From the capital city, the money will then be transported to rural banks to be distributed to roughly 1.3 million residents of the province.

This is the first time the Iraqi Army has completed a money delivery without the help of Coalition Forces.

U.S. and Iraqi officials say the resumption of money deliveries to the Diyala banking system will aid stabilization efforts in the region, energizing what is mostly a cash economy.

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