Thursday, July 17, 2008

Central Bank of Iraq CBI Getting Ready for SOMETHING BIG!!!

According to a phone call earlier today from a friend of mine who is stationed in Iraq:

"Huge things are set to happen very soon here. We have seen the Iraqi people struggling to get out of poverty, and make comfortable lives for themselves. The government here is trying its hardest to help increase and stabilize the economy. Do you still have the 2.5 mil NID that I sent to you? I said "yes". He continues to say that the NID will be increasing very soon to and I should be planning on cashing in. He also noted that there will be a period, about 3 months, before transitioning over to a more "effective" currency. He goes on to tell me much more of the living conditions, and all the contractors working on the rebuild of Iraq.

To me this sounds like very good news. I hope that it is true.


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skytap2001 said...

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